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Drawings of Angels

Whether you believe in them or not, angels are one of the most powerful symbols of religion and culture. That is why, since ancient times, many artists have dedicated themselves to creating drawings of angels for churches, books, paintings, and several other types of expressions. Perhaps the most famous of angels is Gabriel, known as Saint Gabriel, or Saint Archangel Gabriel in some religious denominations. His role in the announcing of Jesus Christ’s birth to the Virgin Mary marks the start of the story that is the […]

Drawing As An Activity

Drawing is an activity that has been a part of human culture for many centuries. Even pre historic men engaged in that activity, and it has always been considered as one of the main cultural expressions there are. Drawing started on cavern walls, and it depicted life in those times. Hunting and surviving were common themes back then and drawing materials were simple, consisting of a mixture of vegetable liquids applied by hand or rudimentary instruments. Some of these murals have survived to this day, and they’ve […]

Cool Drawings

When I was a child, we didn’t have videogames available at home. If we wanted to play videogames, we had to go to the arcades. And there weren’t many of them anyway. So, what’s a kid got to do if he doesn’t like sports? Well, sit down in the park and make cool drawings. You might not think so much of it today, but in those times, knowing how to make cool drawings was something that really made you popular in school. Everybody knew you for that […]

Black and White Drawings

Even with the possibility of color, there are a lot of artists that keep making black and white drawings. Some of these do it by need of the drawing technique they use, and some just because they prefer it. There’s something about black and white drawings that is still captivating. Some people say that they are more shocking and impressive than their color counterparts. Others think they’re more beautiful. Yet others say it’s their simplicity that makes them attractive. I’m not an expert in the subject, but […]